Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ENGLISH: Hello again after weeks.
Lately i had published a page about my trip to Warsaw.
Unfortunately my Turkish blog was blocked and I can't use it anymore.So I will decide soon.I will have only blog in two language: Turkish and English at the same time or I will create a new Turkish one. But it is to hard to write,put photos ETC. for two blogs.My Turkish blog was better and longer than this one.

Last week I worked in a youth festival organized in an university. I worked for GENCTUR which organize international volunteer work camps, sells interrail tickets,international youth cards,cheap flight ticket,works for Work & Travel,CVS projects etc.I joined their volunteer projects.

Here I created a show about the festival. It's in Turkish unfortunately.I spent three long hours to make it. So i fed up to create one more in English.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

warsaw The first place to visit in Warsaw :OLD TOWN.
During World War II almost all town destroyed .After the war they built the city from the it's ashes by looking at the pictures and postcards.There is a palace, a church,Madame Curie's etc.use,souveniour shops full of amber jeweleries and Polish dolls etc. and nice cafe/restaurants... The symbol of Warsaw is in Old Town: A warrior mermaid.

A romantic option to see around :Horse carriage. My favorite vehicle
to see around is always a bike.

Everywhere in Warsaw and Krakow
there are small kebab restaurants.
It's the best cheapest thing which is very delicious. I ate it lots of time.
It' s different than Turkish kebab.
The restaurant owners are generally
African like Egyptian,Moroccon so on.

My favorite street in Warsaw :Nowy Swiat.At the end this long street you arrive Old Town.
Don't forget the visit Imbiss Istanbul restaurant to eat kebab.Delicious!! I ate there twice.Turkish tea is free after kebab.

!!Attention: From airport I took a illegal taxi.I haven't know of course.It was 3 times expensive.
Wherever I took a taxi for same destination i paid a different price.They have four tariff depends of the hour.Once I took a taxi.I haven't notice that it was a hotel taxi.Opps!!Very expensive.

If you go to Poland , typical thing to buy is a Polish doll. I have one too:)

Polish folkloric costumes ...

In the garden of the palace we,maybe 20 people were watching this squirrel .It was eating nuts with a big care :)

A few peacocks were walking around with all their beauties in front of the palace...

Lazienski Palace-Very nice palace with a big garden.Unfortunately when i arrived there after a crazy bike trip on motorway it was closed.But i spent two hours in the garden and in a nice cafe.World-famous Polish musician Chopin's big statue is worth to have a look.

The famous food is pierogi.I ate it in a nice restaurant in old town.MY choice was with cheese,tomato and pumkin seed.Yummy!!

The palace of culture and science

The symbol of Warsaw.The highest building of Poland.

As a typical tourist i climbed the top by elevator and see the beatiful view.

Winter is a calm time for me.I wish i would start my blog before sumemr.I was very active , did lots of things,visited different towns and cities between May and September.Here I want to create a document of my Poland(Warsaw and Krakow) trip. Have a nice journey with my pictures!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I had some visitors from Izmir,west of Turkey a few days ago.
4 handicap friends who i met in Van handicap camp which i directed , on the east last August.
We had great relationship and we keep in touch often.
It's great to have friends from all over the country.

They came to Istanbul for a TV program just for a few hours.
I never miss a chance to see old friends and met them.

The young man Recep lost his one leg because of a car accident .
The other two women disabled from the birth.
The woman with glasses is the manager of Izmir Handicap Association.
12 year old girl is her daugter.
She is my new penfriend.:)

Although it's hard to be a handicap in my country
they are all full of life. Impressive!!

Recep (the man) is a good basketball player .He and the girl with red sweater Fatma started to learn playing drum/tumba etc. for a European supported project.Than they will join shows and go around.Maybe also Europe. 4 physically disabled+4 deaf people will play drum and a few blind people will do folk dance. When they come to Istanbul I will go to watch them.I can record a tape for my blog maybe.

I am proud of them.
very exciting moment.
my very first minute in my blog.
it's good to open a new page in my life.
welcome to my world...